Our company


The company VHM tools L.t.d  was founded in 2014. The main objective of the company is to offer our customers the right tools at a reasonable price. In the beginning we concentrated on the production of tools, in particular reamers, end mills, drills and other tools according to  customers wishes, made from VHM and HSS. The company's activity has expanded in 2015 with offering drilling services on a professional deep hole drilling machine and induction brazing of tools on different carriers. On customers request, the tools produced by us can also be coated with the most advanced coatings based on TiAlN, TiN and CrN. The coatings are characterized by a smooth surface and good adhesion. They are suitable for the protection of tools when machining  very hard materials.

In the company's focus are satisfied business partners whose needs are met with a flexible company policy, compliance with the Agreed and with relentless pursuit of quality and perfection of the solutions offered. Our success is proven by the satisfaction of customers worldwide.

Managing Director
Sebastian Puksic
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